Front-End Development

User Interface and Experience

Front-End Development involves few different skills in the production of websites.

Built Rich Applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, and Bootstrap.

Using Javascript frameworks and library (such as ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap); enables me to develop more effective and advanced web applications (websites).

Developed applications using AngularJS single page applications SPAs to improve page performance.

Skills: HTML5, SASS/CSS3, Responsive CSS, JavaScript (JS), ES6, JQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap, SVG, Gulp, Testing, NodeJS (NPM), Command Line, Git & Google Maps API, Facebook API, AngularJS(1)

Back-End Development

Customized Behaviour and Responses

To provide a better experience with customized back-end solution, leveraging existing behaviour and controls. It adds functional hand to the front-end development.

Developing and learning my back-end development skills in major programming languages - .NET (C#) and PHP. With the help of their respective supported Database systems - MSSQL and MySQL. Learning MEAN stack which will help me in developing advanced level web applications or websites. This will surely help me to leverage the way web application or website works as well as learning ReactJS and Firebase will help me to extend it to the mobile world.

Skills: C#.NET, PHP, MySQL and MSSQL

Digital Marketing

Search, Social and Brand

In the age Digital, I have worked in Digital Marketing projects. This helps med to leverage the web presence of any brand/website (project) and helping them to achieve better standings on Search and Social.

Improving Brand's reputation could be a tricky and vital part for anyone. Helping and managing brand's social mentions plus improving them to positives is one of my skill-set.

Skills: SEO and ORM

Tools i use: