Education and Professional Experience

2017-Present UDACITY Education


After couple of years of experience and looking forward to grow my career in Javascript technology. I am currently pursuing a Certification Program REACT NANODEGREE from UDACITY. It is like one-on-one tutoring program as well as the creators of React and React Router teaches you with interactive courses. It also covers 3 projects using React and React Native.

I am looking forward to achieve expert and in-depth knowledge of React and React Native with this program. Which will not only helps me to become better React Developer but also do help me to deep into building interactive and exciting web and mobile applications.

2016 - Present Senior Front End Developer at REA Inc., New York, NY WORK EXPERIENCE

Senior Front End Developer

  • Built responsive websites for New York based company, which has been viewed by 25000+ users till date.
  • Websites were built from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • A custom grid system from scratch using SASS/SCSS.
  • Built Content Management System based websites using a custom Wordpress theme.
  • Worked on creating custom data fields in Wordpress Admin using Advanced Custom Fields and WCK.
  • Used Bitbucket and Github for Git repositories.
  • Developer Tools on most used browsers (Chrome, Safari) to debug, diagnose & fix performance issues.
  • Utilize Google Pagespeed Insights, Google Analytics, Pingdom Tools to diagnose & fix performance issues.
  • Mavenlink to manage project development life cycle including time management and scheduling.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams of designers, project managers and stakeholders.
  • Actively involved in creative user interface solutions and interactive & functionality throughout front-end development process.
  • Hands-on experience to build single page applications with ReactJS & Redux.
  • Worked on modern workflows such as node package manager (NPM), Code Linting (ESLINT), CSS Preprocessors (SASS), Automated tasks (Gulp), JavaScript Transpiler (Babel) and version control (Git).
  • Built Email templates and custom e-mailers. Used Mailchimp and ConstantContact to send & schedule e-mailers.
  • Worked on components of existing web applications and websites in addition to implementing new designs and features.
  • Used Google Maps API and Infobox to create customized and interactive maps.
  • SVG to create interactive image blocks (such illustrations or custom maps) from scratch.
  • AWS for cloud content storage management.

Tech Stack: HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, ReactJS.

2011 - 2016 Front End Developer at Publicis Beehive WORK EXPERIENCE

Front End Developer

  • Built Facebook Applications for Social Media contests and games, using Facebook Javascript SDK (API), PHP and MySQL.
  • Built custom basic Content Management System from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP & MySQL.
  • Built a web application to customize Image (where several users upload their content) using PHP Image GD Library.
  • Built responsive landing pages and Email templates and custom e-mailers. Used Mailchimp and ConstantContact to send & schedule e-mailers.
  • Organized meetings and presentations with national and international clients.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams of designers, developers, project managers, content writers and stakeholders.
  • Have been responsible for day-to-day management of sub-team members, progress, and deadlines.
  • Have performed cross-browser compatibility, debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Coached and manage a team of five fresh developers.
  • Used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to improve website search performance.
  • Used AngularJS (1.5) a javascript framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA).

Tech Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive CSS, JavaScript(JS), JQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress, and PHP/MySQL

2011 - 2013 Atmiya Institute of Technology, Saurashtra University (INDIA) Education

Master of Science (Information Technology & Computer Application)

I pursued my Masters from Atmiya Institute of Technology with the specialization in ASP.NET (C#). I have chosen ASP.NET (VB) during my Bachelors as well as I built final year project using it. Since I was interested in learning object-oriented programming and I opted for the same during my masters. I was mainly responsible for building User Interfaces as well as building functional components using object-oriented skills.

My interest in building User Interfaces using HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies, helped me to move further build a career in front-end website development.

2010 - 2011 Junior SEO in Darshan Softech Private Limited WORK EXPERIENCE

Junior Search Engine Optimizer

After my graduations, I was looking to pursue masters but I chose to work this company for a short period of time in order to learn about this new field as well as gain industry level experience. I joined as a trainee to learn about it and got promoted to Junior SEO within first 4 months of tenure. I was actively involved in new website development projects as well as maintaining and enhancing the existing website projects. I was working closely with a cross-functional team of web designers, content writers, web developers, quality assurance & testers, project managers and stakeholders. I have been involved in sharing and putting up my own ideas in order to enhance the performance and user experience of the websites. With my technical skills and interest, I was able to manage and update websites. This helped me to pursue further technical program and build a career in web development.

2007 - 2010 South Gujarat University Education

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

I was very much interested in learning computers during my school. It was grade 5 when I learned about the computers for the first time. Being a quick learner, I quickly grasp the knowledge of using DOS (command line), Paint and Microsoft's Powerpoint slides. I learned and was able to build animation slides using power point and this was the first experience where I felt very much interested to learn more about computers. I had to wait for my high school to opt for computers as my career and I chose Bachelor of Computer Application graduation degree course.

During my graduation, I built website project using ASP.NET and VB in my final year. I was responsible for building User Interfaces and functional components using Object Oriented skills (server-side scripting).

2005 - 2007 R.P.T.P. Higher Secondary School Education

Higher Secondary Education

Passed 12th School (Science Stream). Learned academic information in Science Subjects.

1999 - 2005 Prince High School Education

Secondary Education

Passed 10th School (Secondary Education). Learned Educational as well as extra-curricular activities.