Education and Professional Experience

2018 - Present Full Stack Developer at ITG, New York, NY WORK EXPERIENCE

Full Stack Developer

Tech Stack: React, Redux, TypeScript, JavaScript(ES6), GraphQL, Material UI, Immutable.

2017-2018 UDACITY Education


After couple of years of experience and looking forward to grow my career in Javascript technology. I graduated in REACT NANODEGREE Program from UDACITY. Please View Certificate here.

I am confident in building better web as well as mobile applications after completing this program. You can visit my Github page to view my latest React projects.

2016 - 2018 Senior Front End Developer at REA Inc., New York, NY WORK EXPERIENCE

Senior Front End Developer

  • Built responsive websites for New York based company, which has been viewed by 25000+ users till date.
  • Websites were built from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • A custom grid system from scratch using SASS/SCSS.
  • Built Content Management System based websites using a custom Wordpress theme.
  • Worked on creating custom data fields in Wordpress Admin using Advanced Custom Fields and WCK.
  • Used Bitbucket and Github for Git repositories.
  • Developer Tools on most used browsers (Chrome, Safari) to debug, diagnose & fix performance issues.
  • Utilize Google Pagespeed Insights, Google Analytics, Pingdom Tools to diagnose & fix performance issues.
  • Mavenlink to manage project development life cycle including time management and scheduling.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams of designers, project managers and stakeholders.
  • Actively involved in creative user interface solutions and interactive & functionality throughout front-end development process.
  • Hands-on experience to build single page applications with ReactJS & Redux.
  • Worked on modern workflows such as node package manager (NPM), Code Linting (ESLINT), CSS Preprocessors (SASS), Automated tasks (Gulp), JavaScript Transpiler (Babel) and version control (Git).
  • Built Email templates and custom e-mailers. Used Mailchimp and ConstantContact to send & schedule e-mailers.
  • Worked on components of existing web applications and websites in addition to implementing new designs and features.
  • Used Google Maps API and Infobox to create customized and interactive maps.
  • SVG to create interactive image blocks (such illustrations or custom maps) from scratch.
  • AWS for cloud content storage management.

Tech Stack: HTML5, SASS/SCSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, Wordpress, React.

2011 - 2016 Front End Developer at Publicis Beehive WORK EXPERIENCE

Front End Developer

  • Built Facebook Applications for Social Media contests and games, using Facebook Javascript SDK (API), PHP and MySQL.
  • Built custom basic Content Management System from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP & MySQL.
  • Built a web application to customize Image (where several users upload their content) using PHP Image GD Library.
  • Built responsive landing pages and Email templates and custom e-mailers. Used Mailchimp and ConstantContact to send & schedule e-mailers.
  • Organized meetings and presentations with national and international clients.
  • Worked closely with cross-functional teams of designers, developers, project managers, content writers and stakeholders.
  • Have been responsible for day-to-day management of sub-team members, progress, and deadlines.
  • Have performed cross-browser compatibility, debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Coached and manage a team of five fresh developers.
  • Used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to improve website search performance.

Tech Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive CSS, JavaScript(JS), JQuery, Bootstrap, Wordpress, and PHP/MySQL

2011 - 2013 Atmiya Institute of Technology, Saurashtra University (INDIA) Education

Master of Science (Information Technology & Computer Application)

I pursued my Masters from Atmiya Institute of Technology with the specialization in ASP.NET (C#). I have chosen ASP.NET (VB) during my Bachelors as well as I built final year project using it. Since I was interested in learning object-oriented programming and I opted for the same during my masters. I was mainly responsible for building User Interfaces as well as building functional components using object-oriented skills.

My interest in building User Interfaces using HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies, helped me to move further build a career in front-end website development.

2007 - 2010 South Gujarat University Education

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

I was very much interested in learning computers during my school. It was grade 5 when I learned about the computers for the first time. Being a quick learner, I quickly grasp the knowledge of using DOS (command line), Paint and Microsoft's Powerpoint slides. I learned and was able to build animation slides using power point and this was the first experience where I felt very much interested to learn more about computers. I had to wait for my high school to opt for computers as my career and I chose Bachelor of Computer Application graduation degree course.

During my graduation, I built website project using ASP.NET and VB in my final year. I was responsible for building User Interfaces and functional components using Object Oriented skills (server-side scripting).

2005 - 2007 R.P.T.P. Higher Secondary School Education

Higher Secondary Education

Passed 12th School (Science Stream). Learned academic information in Science Subjects.

1999 - 2005 Prince High School Education

Secondary Education

Passed 10th School (Secondary Education). Learned Educational as well as extra-curricular activities.